Four Roll And Six Roll Reversing Rolling Mill
    Six Roll CR Reversing Rolling Mill
    Continuous Rolling Mill
    Stretching-bending Tension Leveler
    Skill-pass Mill
    Four roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1380mm Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1150 Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    900mm Four roll HR rolling mill for tungsten and molybdenum
    Two roll HR reversing rolling mill for aluminum alloy
    Five stands continuous rolling mill with double recoiler
    Four roll four stands continuous rolling mill
    Four roll five stands continuous mill

Continuous Rolling Mill

Equipment Main Function

This product is used for reversely rolling the high precision and good quality normal carbon steel, stainless steel strips and low alloy steel.

Equipment Component And Feature

Uncoiler, Hydraulic coil car and unloading car, 5 Roll pinch flattener, Entrance and exit platform, Rolling mill(User can choose the no. of mill for continuous rolling), recoiler, Joint gear box, Hydraulic AGC and bending roll system, Driving motor, Electric control system, Equipment lubrication and process lubrication system.

Equipment Photos

Technical Parameter Table

Technical parameter
\Mill model
650 750 850
Material carbon steel and
low alloy steel
carbon steel and
low alloy steel
carbon steel and
low alloy steel
Material thickness(mm) 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0
Material width(mm) 400-550 500-650 600-750
Finish thickness(mm) 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6
Pressing force(KN) 5500 6500 7500
Support roll Specification(mm) 550600 650700 750820
Working roll Specification(mm) 185650 225750 240850
Mill stands three to six stands three to six stands three to six stands
Driving method Working roll driving
Main motor DC motor DC motor DC motor
Speed reducer Joint gear box Joint gear box Joint gear box
Uncoiler(specifications) 610650 610750 610850
Recoiler(specifications) 508650 508750 508850
Rolling speed(m/min) 240-420 300-420 300-480
Uncoiler loop Disc loop or ground loop
Recoiler tension(KN) 0-35 0-45 0-55
Pressing method Mechanical/Hydraulic AGC Mechanical/Hydraulic AGC Mechanical/Hydraulic AGC
DC speed regulator Siemens Siemens Siemens
Electric control Siemens PLC Siemens PLC Siemens PLC

Remarkthe model and parameter shown in this table are for reference only. The design and production can be tailor-made according to user's requirements.

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