Four Roll And Six Roll Reversing Rolling Mill
    Six Roll CR Reversing Rolling Mill
    Continuous Rolling Mill
    Stretching-bending Tension Leveler
    Skill-pass Mill
    Four roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1380mm Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1150 Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    900mm Four roll HR rolling mill for tungsten and molybdenum
    Two roll HR reversing rolling mill for aluminum alloy
    Five stands continuous rolling mill with double recoiler
    Four roll four stands continuous rolling mill
    Four roll five stands continuous mill


DALISHEN advocates the utilization of most advanced technology so as to take the leading position in its own field. To provide reliable technical services is the fundament of DALISHEN as we continue to provide advanced products, technology and services.

By introducing advanced production and processing equipment, DALISHEN will continue to take the leading role in rolling mill manufacturing industry.


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